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What we do

Business Recovery & Agility

General Recover Strategies, Setting up Agile Management Processes, Recover trade shows from downturn phase, Lifting up Customer Satisfaction, Collaborative Strategy Building, Content & Feature Strategies, Establishing Advisory and Feedback Boards

Working Examples:

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This working example a costs analysis summary we conducted for a target company to identify savings opportunities. This analysis was a part of a wider profitability review.


This working example shows a booking card that combines digital and onsite products to packages that makes sense for the customer. This concept boosted the digital sales for a wider range of MBB-Consulting customer


This working example show a pricing strategy that combines location based and time-based tradeshow prices. The strategy was created to arm the sales team with sales arguments resulting from the various price points.


A large rebooking project we conducted to achieve rebooking rates of 70% and higher. In this project we developed a rebooking best practice guide to onboard show teams.

The slide shows how rebooking targets can be broken down to teams, team members and single leads.

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