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Client Testimonials

Tony Calanca, EVP Informa Markets
Informa Markets

“In 2019, we hired Matthias Tesi Baur (MBB-Consulting Group) to investigate and create a sector strategy for Informa markets and partner companies. The consulting task was two-fold: we needed in-depth strategic thinking to develop a global exhibition strategy adapted to local market conditions, as well as a great awareness of intercultural and global team-working. Tesi’s structured, strategic and positive approach impressed me from the outset. During the project, he worked seamlessly with all business units of Informa Markets around the world to come up with a holistic and global strategy. Tesi’s acute attention to detail and extensive expertise in translating local market conditions into a commercial strategy benefited the project enormously. While Tesi takes a highly professional approach in all areas of his work, he also has a natural flair for making it fun and enjoyable for everyone involved. This winning combination of professionalism and personality played a big part in the project’s success. I highly recommend Tesi. He is an extremely professional, business-minded senior exhibition executive with great skills in motivating cross-cultural teams and a refreshing can-do attitude.”

Patric Sjöberg, CEO

“In 2018, we hired Tesi Baur from MBB-Consulting Group to help us create a long-term turnover growth, cost efficiency, business development possibilities and internationalisation strategy.

To achieve this goal, Tesi developed a fine-tuned project structure, including an in-depth review phase of the company’s current strategy and culture, a strategy creation phase and a roll-out phase to bring the new strategy to life.

During the first phase, Tesi impressed us by leveraging his deep industry insight and great teamwork skills to quickly gain the respect and trust of our colleagues at Stockholmsmässen. In the second phase, Tesi presented his report including a long-term plan and a wide range of concrete projects to roll out the new strategy.
Finally, in the third phase, MBB-Consulting worked together with the different teams in the company to help roll out the new commercial strategy.

The project’s great success was thanks to the extensive international knowledge that MBB-Consulting brought to the table as well as Tesi’s great team spirit. But more than that, it was thanks to the fact that Tesi is much more than just a consultant – he is a senior exhibition executive who has followed his own advice: to not only be a consultant but to also be a mentor to our senior team.

Tesi is as a very professional, business-minded senior consultant and mentor. He is skilled in motivating cross-cultural teams and has a refreshing can-do attitude. Tesi have also been a good speaking partner for me as a CEO. I highly recommend him.”

John van der Valk (President Advance)
Informa Markets

“In 2018, we hired Matthias Tesi Baur (MBB-Consulting Group) to run UBM’s Food ingredients Portfolio on an interim basis from May to November 2018. During this time, Informa acquired UBM, which meant Tesi was tasked with managing the portfolio and leading the team during this extremely important period. Tesi actually managed the portfolio some years ago, before he left UBM at the end of 2014.

From the outset, Tesi impressed me by very quickly gaining the respect of all his Informa and UBM colleagues, effectively managing the team, and diving into the details of every aspect of this complex task as if he had never left the company. During this short period, he successfully developed business cases to launch the Food ingredients brand into the US and the African market and designed a roadmap for broader strategic opportunities for the Fi portfolio.

I’d recommend Tesi as an extremely professional, business-minded senior manager. He has great skills in motivating cross-cultural teams and a refreshing can-do attitude.”

Govind Sharma, CTO 
Natasja O’Connor, Operations Director

“In 2017, we hired Matthias Tesi Baur (MBB-Consulting Group) to research exhibitor portal software and provide an industry benchmark of exhibitor and visitor service software. We were impressed by his deep market insight, and the project benefited enormously from his extensive industry network. What’s more, the report he created represented a high-quality benchmark in the global exhibition market for that segment. We would be happy to recommend Tesi Baur and MBB-Consulting Group for providing outstanding quality consulting services for the exhibition industry.”

Andreas Gruchow Deutsche Messe Board Member
Götz Dörmann Senior VP
Deutsche Messe

“We hired Matthias Baur to support a strategic project reviewing our commercial set-up and global sales activities. Matthias Baur proved himself to be an extremely skilled and commercially astute exhibition consultant. His insights and global benchmarking regarding how global exhibition organisers strategically orchestrate their sales resources really pushed our strategic review to the next level. We enjoyed Mr. Baur’s open-minded and humorous presentation style – we strongly recommend him as a skilled exhibition consultant with an in-depth and global perspective of the industry.”

Klaus Reinke, Chief of Corporate Strategy and Organisation
Messe Frankfurt

“Matthias Baur impressed us on all fronts with his in-depth knowledge of a wide range of strategic topics spanning the entire global exhibition industry. What’s more, he was skilled in adapting global exhibition trends and best practice cases to Messe Frankfurt’s specific situation. Matthias Baur always went the extra mile to provide strategic consultancy and is very focused on quality and results. His open-minded and proactive way of engaging with and advising senior management helps to push strategic thinking and planning to the next level.”

Pascal Engler, Key Account Manager
Messe Basel

“Tesi worked with us to review our guest event strategy and to create new strategic approaches to promote our exhibition venue in Basel. Tesi impressed me greatly with his detailed insights into small and large players in the exhibition industry, and his input helped us to define the benefits we can offer potential customers. It is clear that Tesi is completely immersed in the global exhibition industry and possesses an enormous wealth of knowledge in all B2B and event-related topics. I can truly recommend Tesi as a highly professional and deeply experienced exhibition and event consultant.”

Sarah-Christin Köhler, International Subsidiaries and M&A
Deutsche Messe

“Matthias Tesi Baur provided training courses for Deutsche Messe, focusing on international exhibition sales and marketing strategies. Course participants were senior Deutsche Messe employees from various offices around the globe. Tesi impressed delegates not only with his profound and in-depth knowledge about best-in-class trends and techniques but also with his open and interactive style that made the workshop an enjoyable experience for everybody. We’d like to thank him for providing the courses to Deutsche Messe and are happy to recommend him as a consultant and trainer.”

Ahmed Al Obaidli, Director of Exhibitions
Qatar Tourism Authority

“We had worked with Matthias Tesi Baur on parts of a UFI-certified Event Management Degree and were delighted to invite him back to deliver more bespoke training programmes for the local exhibition industry. Matthias’ professionalism and high level of expertise in this industry really set him apart. I would highly recommend him to any MICE Bureau looking to give its partners the right tools to take their exhibitions to the next level.”