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Commercial Change Management

Our Commercial Change Management Methodologies are designed to bring together the client’s knowledge of their own way of working with our knowledge of market best practices. We facilitate a more sustainable way of changing, by stimulating change from the client’s own strength as opposed to pushing change onto the client.

Asses how commercially fit your company is for the future with our Commercial Audit service. We analyse your commercial DNA and evaluate its health in comparison to the competition through our unique methodology comprising of four investigation modules and resulting in a report on your commercial culture and how it lines up against the best-in-class industry benchmark, including suggested quick wins and mid-term changes. We also offer tailored alterations of our financial and pricing analysis and strategy module for specific industries.

We believe that for future change to be successfully accepted within a company, the solution should be driven from the inside. Therefore, we position ourselves as the inspiration provider that guide by marrying the client strength with commercial best practices. Following our suggestion of commercial projects, our involvement with the facilitation of the project can be minimal or extensive depending on how much assistance you desire: we can take the role of a sparring partner and an external set of eyes, or be more heavily involved and conduct the project. As a result, the change of commercial culture comes from within and is more successful.

Working Examples:

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MBB-Consulting has developed a scientific method based on a conjoint analysis method to create and calculate price sensitivity curves. This working example shows a price sensibility study which calculates different price points and the effect to customers’ price sensitivity vs. profitability, which was used in workshops with senior management and sales team to define a future system that increased profitability and triggered client loyalty.


This working example illustrates a pricing strategy that combines location-based and time-based tradeshow prices. The strategy was created to arm the sales team with sales arguments resulting from the various price points.


This slide shows the result of a large tradeshow rebooking project we conducted to achieve rebooking rates of 70% and higher. In this project we developed a wider range of procedures and methodologies to develop the client’s commercial culture, including a rebooking guide, target analysis methodologies and a process to enable senior management to set targets based on robust dashboards.
The slide shows how rebooking targets can be broken down to teams, team members and single leads.

The slide shows how rebooking targets can be broken down to teams, team members and single leads.

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