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Consulting Services

MBB-Consulting Group provides management strategy consultancy services for international B2B SMEs including the tradeshow industry and governmental bodies.

It specialises in growth & profitability strategies, from commercial change management to portfolio change strategy,  mergers & acquisitions including due diligence and market mapping, as well as market intelligence to support companies and unlock local market dynamics.

MBB’s unique strength lies in a winning combination of best-in-class consulting and a strong team consisting of decades of senior operational expertise. In the B2B sector, MBB makes world-class consulting methodologies and strategies available for SMEs.




Working Examples:

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Working example strategy building:

The screenshot shows a regional strategy report summary. In example we provided a brief executive summary about regional business opportunities in South-East Asia including define T1/T2 countries, industry hubs and main trade locations.

Working example strategy building:

This working example show an opportunity map we created for a growth and expansion strategy. The map demonstrates the number of business opportunities that are detailed described in the report divided by T1 – T3 countries.

Working example strategy building:

This working example shows a KPI sheet we developed in a strategic project to evaluate market, internal and external factors to internationals the customer’s business. Each KPI is described and rated in the report in more detail.


This working example shows our approach to M&A. We offer all relevant services from market research, due diligence up to business integration and team onboarding.


This working example show and opportunity map we have worked out as a part of a due diligence process. The map shows commercial growth opportunities of the target company that can be executed once acquired.


This working example a costs analysis summary we conducted for a target company to identify savings opportunities. This analysis was a part of a wider profitability review.


This working example show a price sensibility study which calculate different price points and the effect to customers price sensitivity vs. profitability. MBB-Consulting has developed a scientific method to measure and calculate price sensitivity curves.


This working example show a pricing strategy that combines location based and time-based tradeshow prices. The strategy was created to arm the sales team with sales arguments resulting from the various price points.


A large rebooking project we conducted to achieve rebooking rates of 70% and higher. In this project we developed a rebooking best practice guide to onboard show teams.

The slide shows how rebooking targets can be broken down to teams, team members and single leads.


This working example shows a booking card that combines digital and onsite products to packages that makes sense for the customer. This concept boosted the digital sales for a wider range of MBB-Consulting customer

Working example Artificial Intelligence:

This working example shows a slide from a senior round table we conducted to specify Artificial Intelligence solutions for the event industry. The slide represents various examples of how AI has contributed to higher customer satisfaction rates and better exhibitor ROI to stimulate further discussion on how data driven technologies can enhance the tradeshow business model.

Working example Digital Transformation:

This working example shows a hybrid framework that was developed by MBB-Consulting to measure the development level of a hybrid tradeshow. The framework is the basis to create hybrid tradeshows that are based on the customers needs and to create profitable hybrid products.

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