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What we do

Growth and profitability services

MBB’s extensive range of Growth and Profitability Strategy services is designed to elevate exhibition businesses at multiple levels. Our services include:

  • Rebooking Strategy
  • Portfolio strategy
  • Commercial change implementation
  • Sales processes optimisation
  • Pricing strategy
  • Budgeting & forecasting processes
  • Big data analysis 
  • Digital & AI Revenue

Working Examples:

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Working example strategy building:

This infographic shows a regional strategy report summary. In this example we provided a brief executive summary about regional business opportunities in South-East Asia, including defining T1/T2 countries, industry hubs and main trade locations. This executive summary slide was backed up by deep research based on KPI’s defined in collaboration with industry experts. The executive summary served the project in a board discussion to decide the strategic direction of the business for the years to come.

Working example strategy building:

This working example depicts an opportunity map we created for a growth and expansion strategy report. The map demonstrates the number of business opportunities in T1 – T3 countries which is further detailed in the report. The goal of the slide was to provide a “dashboard-style” overview of where the client’s business can focus to grow their business further based on defined target countries.

Working example strategy building:

This working example shows a KPI sheet we developed in a strategic project to evaluate internal, external and market factors to internationalise the customer’s business. Each KPI is described and rated in the report in far greater detail. We then used the KPI ratings to rate a wide range of potential business units, which enabled the client to decide on their business expansion by weighing opportunities vs. own strength and weaknesses.

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