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The Perfect Platform to Find Digital Suppliers Specialising in the Exhibition Industry

The Digital Event Service Suppliers Who’s Who – DESS-WW

Finding the ideal suppliers for an event is not always easy, it can be time consuming and even a little frustrating at times, specifically when hosting events out of your home country where suppliers may not be all that familiar.

Determined to assist industry colleagues with the task of sourcing and contracting suppliers, MBB-Consulting Group has worked hard on creating an online directory for the industry that offers one centralised platform to source suppliers required for your next event or venue enhancement.

 The DESS-WW; The Digital Event Service Suppliers Who’s Who lists suppliers offering specialised products and services in a user-friendly format for organisers and venues to find suitable, experienced event partners at ease.

As a starting point, the DESS-WW currently includes suppliers focused on digital services from across the globe whose primary business and expertise lies within the exhibition industry. In time, we wish to expand this listing to include other required services within our industry.

In the directory, we have included information on suppliers that we feel is important in the decision-making process when selecting and deciding on contracting a supplier.

Suppliers have the flexibility to update their profiles on the directory at anytime on an ongoing basis, which will ensure that the information listed in the DESS-WW is current and accurate – making this directory a rolling, operating source of reference. Suppliers also have the option to enhance their profiles by including even more information and portfolio of evidence, that will give potential clients comfort that they should look no further to find a supplier that will make a worthy partner to contribute to the success of the event.

To find ways of keeping this directory top-of-mind, MBB will also share information on these suppliers via various social media platforms including our industry newsletter, for easy access and a reminder to Organisers and Venues that assistance is just a click away!

The purpose of the DESS-WW is for the benefit of our industry – a way to link suppliers and clients together in an efficient and effortless way. It also offers a level of comfort knowing that suppliers featured have expertise specific to our industry and should be able to present a portfolio of past clients and events to add to their credibility and portfolio of experience.

We hope that our Digital Event Service Suppliers Who’s Who Directory serves the industry well and assists you in sourcing and contracting dependable suppliers that much simpler and easier by offering you a centralised, one-stop-shop platform.

All industry colleagues are welcome to feedback to MBB on this directory, should you wish to suggest an idea that may enhance the directory, or identify a supplier that you have recently used and believe should be included in the directory – the more involved we all are with the upkeep of this directory, the more accurate and effective this tool will be for you and for the industry.

Please feel free to share the DESS-WW with colleagues and industry peers who you believe will benefit from this directory – after-all, this DESS-WW belongs to the industry, to every reputable supplier, organiser and venue, with the intention of contributing to the effectiveness and quality of our industry – so this is YOUR directory – we hope you find it useful and enjoy the ease of doing business!

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